How To Achieve A Successful 2022

29 December 2021

Cheers to the New Year.
Looking forward to working with you all to achieve great things with you and for you.

Don’t forget to join in with our first Mastermind Group of the year on 4th January at 12:15pm when we will be setting our goals for the year.

Our Mastermind group is set up to help us support each other in practical, advisory, and emotionally supportive ways. Here are our questions for this first session:
1. What are your life goals?
2. What would you like to accomplish in the next five years?
3. What are your two main goals for 2022?
4. If you only had six months left to live, what would you want to accomplish in this time?

As we know, success and achievements start with being clear about our own goals.
Let’s see how and where we can most support each other during this New Year.
Successful people don’t achieve success by chance, they decide what they want to achieve and work towards it. Part of that success comes from surrounding themselves with other people who are serious about their success too.

Why not join our SHINE Community of successful, high achievers?
Our monthly Mastermind Group meetings will keep you on track, help you focus your energies, and achieve your targets, will a little help from your friends.

Come on, join our community today. Drop us an email at
You can also take a look our at membership page and find out what more we have in store you here.

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