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The Women’s Award is all about celebrating women, but we do more than that in our membership community. We provide a place for continuing growth for women whatever their age, ethnicity, culture, or wherever you are on the career and business ladder.
We know that you want to be the best you can become and we want to work with you to help you do just that.
So, the Women’s Awards Membership is the start of our Development Programme bringing you together with likeminded women, who like you, have dreams, ambitions, and goals they want to achieve and are looking for a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment.

What do you get?

Monthly Webinars

In our Monthly online Webinars, you’ll get to hear from successful, high profile individuals about their personal and professional journey to success, learn how they did it, and get to ask them the questions you want answers to.

Our webinar speakers come from our list of Women’s Awards Winners, Sponsors, and other high profile achievers across the country. And of course, we will also look within our small group of Founding Members to share their experience and knowledge.

Our webinars are inspirational, motivational, interactive, and fun.

Monthly Mastermind groups

In our monthly online Mastermind Groups, you’ll find yourself discussing topics and specific areas to help you develop your business, solve problems, and boost your career.

You’ll get expert and professional advice as we invite subject specialist to support the group.
You will find many opportunities for development and synergic relationships.
This is a place for new ideas, creativity, and innovation.

Members of our Mastermind Groups are specifically selected to ensure our members get the highest level of support opportunity to group their business, projects, and careers without unnecessary competition within the same group.

A Closed Private Community

The Women’s Awards Membership has a Close Private Facebook Community where you can discuss relevant topics, share your interest, raise questions, and get support from our community of members.
Join this community of likeminded people who are interested in growing their business, projects, and careers, and supporting other women as they do.

Coaching, Mentoring, & Training

Coaching, Mentoring, and training programs to help you improve your skills, achieve your goals, and increase your confidence.

Discounts, & Free Offers

  • Receive discounts on our online and face to face programmes and events,
  • Join our membership development discussions groups,
  • Share your knowledge and expertise as we develop the community,
  • Be the first to hear about, and trial new ideas, programmes, and information before this goes out to our wider membership and the general public,


We have lots in store for our Women’s Awards Membership, but you have to be in it to be a part of it.

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