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The Women’s Awards is all about celebrating women, but we do more than that in our membership community. We provide a place for continual growth for women whatever their age, ethnicity, culture, or wherever you are on the career and business ladder.
We know that you want to be the best you can become and we want to work with you to help you do just that.
Our SHINE Network is about helping you create a tribe that you know has your back and are there to support you, no matter what you’re going through.

Our Networking events and social gatherings, as well as our Development Programme, bring you together with like-minded women, who like you, have dreams, ambitions, and goals they want to achieve and are looking for a safe, encouraging, and supportive environment in which to make that happen.

This is a place, a space for you. Don’t you deserve that? Yes, you do!

What do you get?

Monthly Online Networking

Every month you will be able to join us for our monthly online networking events which are free to members.

We will discuss a different topic each month, take part in mini-workshops, discussion panels and have lots of opportunities to connect with other members and visitors.

These sessions will be held during the day so that we all have time for our families in the mornings and evenings.

Monthly Webinars

In our Monthly online Webinars, you’ll get to hear from successful, high profile individuals about their personal and professional journey to success, learn how they did it, and get to ask them the questions you want answers to.

Our webinar speakers come from our list of Women’s Awards Winners, Sponsors, and other high-profile achievers across the country. And of course, we will also look within our small group of Founding Members to share their experience and knowledge.

Our webinars are inspirational, motivational, interactive, and fun.

Strive with Sanamente

SHINE has forged a collaboration with Sanamente allowing SHINE Members access to the Strive online platform at a special discounted rate. Strive with Sanamente provides support centred around the ten keys of happiness that support your wellbeing.

On joining the Strive platform you will receive an online wellbeing assessment.
Alongside the online content and 1-2-1 sessions, our members can also attend weekly online Energise sessions, focusing on health, nutrition, sleep, and exercise as we recognise the important role physical health plays on our mental health.

Monthly Mastermind groups

In our monthly online Mastermind Groups, you’ll find yourself discussing topics and specific areas to help you develop your business, solve problems, and boost your career.

You’ll get expert and professional advice as we invite subject specialists to support the group. You will find many opportunities for development and synergistic relationships.
This is a place for new ideas, creativity, and innovation. A place to build on the knowledge and experience of others sharing with you from their career or business.

Members of our Mastermind Groups are specifically selected to ensure our members get the highest level of support opportunity to grow their business, projects, and careers without unnecessary competition within the same group.

A Closed Private Community

The Women’s Awards Membership (SHINE Network) has a Closed Private Facebook Community where you can discuss relevant topics, share your interest, raise questions, and get support from other members and experts.
Join this community of like-minded people who are interested in growing their business, projects, and careers, and supporting other women as they do.
Here you can ask for support or raise your questions as they arise in your day. You can share with other members your ideas, projects or activities to gain their support directly.

Coaching, Mentoring, and Training

Coaching, Mentoring, and Training programs to help you improve your skills, achieve your goals and increase your confidence.

SHINE Magazine Free Subscription

SHINE Magazine is a quarterly online publication that focuses on hearing the voices of women everywhere. We have articles from women not only in the UK but across the world.  Yes, it’s global and this will continue.  And the age range of contributors is from 16 to 80+. 

SHINE brings us the views of women: what they’re passionate about, what they want to change, and why, where they’ve been, and what they’ve done in their lives and experiences, but most of all, what they’ve learnt. We’re passionate about hearing what women have to say on every subject, so you never know what we will read in the coming months.

As a member, you will be able to submit articles and advertise your business at a hugely discounted rate, promoting to the wider world what you’re about.  You never know who might reach back to you and from where.
The world is becoming a smaller place and we’re bringing the voices of women to you.

30 Minutes Coaching

When you sign up you also get a free 30-minute coaching session to gain personal development or growth in your career or business.
This session alone is worth £250.00. Create your personal action plan for the next 6-12 months to create the life you want.

Your coaching session may be with our Founder, Sandra Pollock OBE, or another member of our team of experienced coaches. Choose the area you’d like support with, and we will arrange your session and coach for you.


Our members come from across a wide range of sectors, cultures, and communities. Diversity brings the opportunity to broaden both our horizons, our knowledge, understanding, and skills. More importantly, you get to learn from others who have experienced what you may be going through now, or you have an opportunity to share from your experience, thus paying forward and creating a legacy that lives on through life, success, and experiences of others.
Why not join such a progressive movement?

We have lots in store for our SHINE Network Membership, but you have to be in it to be a part of it in order to benefit.

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