The Women’s Awards is a prestigious multidisciplinary award celebrating the outstanding achievements of women. The purpose of these Awards is to raise awareness, recognise and honour the hard work and valuable contribution women of all cultures, communities, races, and beliefs, in all sectors make. 2024 is our 8th year as we continue to grow. There are many ways to get involved, least of all through making a nomination or sponsoring an award category.  Become part of the movement to help women see their worth.
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Nominations are now Open!

How the Awards work

Getting involved in The Women’s Awards could not be easier.

To nominate a deserving woman

Step 1Read the Nomination Rulesfollow this link.

Step 2  – Choose the region your nominee lives in and click on the link

Step 3 – Choose the category from the dropdown list.

Step 4 – Complete both the Nominee and Nominator information.

We need to be able to contact your nominee and with you later as part of the process.

Step 5 – In the description box please tell us why you have nominated this individual.

What has she done that you believe makes her a deserving candidate for these awards and in particular for the category you have nominated her for? Please note the 5000 maximum character limit.

Step 6 – You have the option to upload any additional information you wish to submit with this nomination.  Please note the maximum file size limit of 4mb.  You may also forward any additional information to the email address:

Step 7 – Don’t forget to click the ‘Submit’ button to send your nomination through to us.


What Happens Next

When we receive your nomination, we will write to the nominee advising them of their nomination.  You will also receive a copy of our email to the nominee.

All nominees will receive in this email the following requests:

  1. An image noting their nomination to The Women’s Awards – East Midlands, and The Women’s Awards – West Midlands, respectively, which they can use as part of their email signature and on any social media stream.
  2. Our request for a head and shoulders high-resolution photograph, and a brief biography – 50 words only.
  3. A list of questions that relate to the category they have been nominated for. These questions relate to the areas the Judging Panel will consider during the judging process.
  4. This is also an opportunity for the nominee to provide any additional information they would like the Judging Panel to consider during the judging process.
  5. The date by which this information must be received.
  6. The date of the gala Women’s Awards Presentation and Dinner, where to purchase tickets, along with contact information for our Admin team.



Shortlisted candidates will be notified and will receive another image for use in an email signature and social media.

Winners Announced

Winners will be announced at The Women’s Awards gala event in the respective region.