Price without Fear

12 August 2021

The SHINE Network brings to the workshop to change your pricing mindset. Helping you to move from the fear of undervaluing and underpricing yourself to the confidence to ask for what you deserve… and get it. Achieve the profits you deserve and earn what you’re truly worth.

There are three crucial questions we need to be able to answer:

  1. How do I set my prices so I win business, don’t undervalue my products and services and get the profit I want?
  2. How can I raise my prices without losing customers or sales?
  3. How do I talk about my value and prices so the customer is happy and willing to pay what I’m asking for?

This workshop will help you discover what’s really important to your customers, so you can price against your value and earn what you really deserve for the result and transformation you get your customers.

Why should you care about Pricing?

  • If you don’t review, maintain and raise your prices regularly you’re losing out.
  • If you’re ‘over servicing’ and undercharging some customers you need to re-address that balance.
  • If you feel you’re undervalued, pricing successfully will mean you get paid the price you deserve for the value you deliver.

Here’s the deal – get Pricing and Value right and you achieve the profit you deserve, get it wrong and it can put your business, goals and dreams in jeopardy.

Being able to increase your prices without losing customers is a crucial skill to have.



This workshop will give you the mindset, skills, tools and confidence to understand value and price accordingly.

It’s not about telling you ‘what you need to do’, it’s showing you ‘how to achieve higher prices’.

We’ll cover:

  • It’s all about the customer’s value perception.
  • Why quantifying your value is so important, yet so few people do.
  • And how to do it.
  • Why your customer is not interested in features and benefits.
  • Forget a USP – MVP is the place to be – turn your value proposition into something truly powerful.
  • Using your newfound value skills to get the price you want.
  • How to talk about your prices so your customer is happy to pay what you’re asking.
  • What will you personally gain from attending the session?
  • Set the prices you deserve.
  • Gain the confidence to discuss value and prices with your customers.
  • You’ll be able to uncover why and how you are more valuable than your competitors.
  • Create a powerful and compelling proposition.
  • Be fearless of increasing prices/fees.

And achieve the prices you deserve.

Who will benefit from this session?

If you’re a Business Owner, MD, CEO, Sales or Marketing Director or an individual Coach, Consultant or Solopreneur and want to increase your prices this workshop is for you.

Date:  Friday 10th September 2021

Time:  9:30 am arrival for 10am start. 15:30pm finish.

Venue: Whatton House and Gardens, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE12 5BG


  • £90.00 – SHINE Network Members
  • £125.00 – Non-Members

Price includes a light breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea/coffee & biscuits.


The session will be hosted by Sandra Pollock OBE and Facilitated by Andrew Bailey.

Andrew specialises in Pricing, Value Selling and Negotiation, helping Corporates, SME’s and Business Owners achieve the profit they deserve. With a track record of helping people and businesses significantly grow their profit, he now combines this with teaching at Nottingham Business School and the Chartered Inst. of Marketing on their executive education programme. He is regularly asked to speak on Pricing and Value issues. You can see his profile at

Remember … If we’re great at what we do we should get paid as though we are!

“Andrew as always delivered a confident and inspiring course. He made everyone feel at ease and encouraged group and individual participation”(delegate).

“This really was a great workshop. I learnt a great deal and will certainly be incorporating your advice” (delegate).” It was a great workshop and I have so many notes and have started implementing the hints and tips you gave out” (delegate).

Andrew talks about 4 skills that combine to give people and businesses the confidence to ‘Price without fear’ and achieve the profit they deserve.

With so many businesses undervaluing what they do, he helps people discover and quantify value, price to their value, powerfully sell their proposition and negotiate with confidence and strength.

Andrew works with many businesses from Corporate Multi-Nationals to SMEs, private and public sector in a range of industries from consumer goods, construction, drinks and tobacco to online retailing, IT, printing, leisure, professional services and education.

He has published a (available on Amazon), is writing his second book on Pricing, Value and Negotiating and is asked to contribute to other publications. He regularly speaks at events and seminars on Pricing, Value and Negotiating.

Holding an MBA from Nottingham Business School, Andrew is also a guest lecturer at the Business School amongst others and teaches to undergraduates, business students and company executives on the Executive Education Programme. He has been recognised and awarded Fellowships of a number of business organisations including the Chartered Inst. of Marketing, the Institute of Directors and Chartered Management Institute.

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