Black History Month Leicester

28 September 2020

Pawlet Brown, CEO, Serendipity-UK, Winner for the EMWA Outstanding Woman in Art, Music & Media 2018, and her team have put together another amazing lists of artists, performances and more again this year to celebrate Black History Month (BHL) in Leicester.

Pawlet and her team are celebrating the tenth anniversary of Serendipty-UK.

Black History Month (BHM) takes place each year in October. In Leicester, we mark the occasion with a programme of events that promote the history and contributions of African and Caribbean communities. Our programme helps us to understand the present through our past. Serendipity was awarded the tenure by Leicester City Council and has overseen BHM in Leicester since 2012.

Each year our programming centres around a unifying theme. The theme for 2020 is Black British Theatre. We will explore over 60 years of Black British Theatre, reflecting on seminal pieces of work.

For more information visit the Serendipity-UK website.

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