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19 April 2020

Early Bird / Founding Member price £27.00 per month!

Grab this gigantic 33% discount that will not be repeated and lock this in for the lifetime of your membership. The normal price is £57.00 per month.
Personal, professional support. Mentoring, coaching. Mastermind Groups, monthly webinars, a Closed Private Community, workshops, online programmes, and lots more.
This terrific offer closes on 21st May 2020.

Hello, I'm Sandra Pollock, Founder of the Women's Awards, better known as the EMWA, and the East Midlands Women's Awards.  
At last year's Awards ceremony I mentioned that we would be starting a development programme.  

You see, this idea has always been far more than just awards for me.
And I'd like to share with you how I see this development programme going forward. 

I see a community, where women grow, share ideas and learn from each other.   Where they find development and opportunities through programmes, workshops, seminars,  webinars: learning from those who've already achieved success in a variety of different areas. 

Where there's skills sharing, mentoring, coaching, Mastermind Groups, and many more opportunities for us to grow.

This has been my dream, and this is what we're now ready to develop and to take on further.

So, right now, I'm setting up a Membership for the awards where you can get to benefit from all of those things that I've already mentioned. 

I'm offering the chance for you to join as a Founding Member.

As a Founding Member, you get to join at a much reduced rate of £27.00 a month.  It's an Early-Bird opportunity and an Early-Bird price because the cause of membership will go up when we officially launch in about a month or so, but not for you. 

In addition, you get the opportunity to help us develop the membership and the offer, and to help us make sure we're getting it right for the community.

For starters, as a member, you get:

 - a monthly webinar - where you'll hear from our Award Winners, in an interactive webinar, as they share specific areas of their skills, their success and their journey;
-  You'll also get to be part of an online Mastermind Group, which will include a Private Facebook Community.

We have lots more plan that will be coming on board as the year progresses. But this opportunity to join as a Founding Member is one that's not going to be around for much longer, because as I said we're looking to launch the official membership in about a month or so.

So, if you'd like to become one of our Founding Members for the Women's Awards Membership community drop me a direct message, right now, don't miss the opportunity,  or any email, and the email address I'd like you to use is info@thewomensawards.com.|

So there you go.  I hope to be working with you soon and getting ready to launch this wonderful new community, this membership for the awards.

I’m looking forward to working with yo.u. I’m looking forward as we share together in this community, achieving success for ourselves and for each other.

So, don’t forget, drop me a direct message or an email at info@thewomensawards.com
I’m Sandra Pollock. Really excited to be sharing with you this new step in our development with you and look forward to working with you, learning and growing together.

Thank you so much for joining me and do share this on if you think that there’ll be other people that might want to join us Founding Members.

And there aren’t many spaces so don’t delay.
I look forward to seeing you soon.
Take care. Bye-bye for now.

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